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阴离子抑制器 shy-a-6 pdf

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阴离Show or hide guides Choose View > Show/Hide > Rulers & Grids > Guides

抑制器Note: To prevent overlapping, click the Appearance Options link and select Shrink Document To Avoid Overwriting The Document’s Text And Graphics阴离To prevent resizing or repositioning when printing the PDF in large format, select Keep Position And Size Of Header/Footer Text Constant When Printing On Different Page Sizes

阴离子抑制器 shy-a-6 pdf

抑制器Type the text in any of the header and footer text boxes阴离To insert page numbers or the current date, click in a box and then click the corresponding buttons抑制器To select formatting for automatic entries, click Page Number And Date Format

阴离子抑制器 shy-a-6 pdf

阴离Note: You can combine text with dates and page numbers抑制器You can also add several lines of text to an entry

阴离子抑制器 shy-a-6 pdf

阴离To specify the pages on which the header and footer appear, click Page Range Options

抑制器Then specify a page range and choose a Subset option, as needed阴离Make Hand Tool Select Text & Images: Enables the Hand tool to function as the Select tool when it hovers over text in an Adobe PDF

抑制器Make Hand Tool Read Articles: Changes the appearance of the Hand tool pointer when over an article thread阴离Upon the first click, the article zooms to fill the document pane horizontally; subsequent clicks follow the thread of the article

抑制器Make Hand Tool Use Mouse-wheel Zooming: Changes the action of the mouse wheel from scrolling to zooming阴离Make Select Tool Select Images Before Text: Changes the order in which the Select tool selects

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