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how to reduce pdf file size mac

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Document elements such as fonts, forms, password protection, and visible annotations are not allowed

Drag the corner of the box to reduce or expand the view of the pageAs needed, move the pointer over the zoom box frame within the thumbnail until it changes into a Hand icon

how to reduce pdf file size mac

Then drag the frame to see a different area of the page in the document panePage view box in a page thumbnail A page-view box in a page thumbnail indicates the area of the page currently showing in the document paneChange the default magnification In the Preferences dialog box under Categories, select Page Display

how to reduce pdf file size mac

Open the Zoom pop-up menu and choose a default magnification levelDisplay off-screen areas of a magnified page When you zoom in to a high magnification, you may be able to see only part of a page

how to reduce pdf file size mac

You can shift the view to show other areas of the page without changing the magnification level

Do either of the following: Use the vertical scroll bars to move up and down the pages or the horizontal scroll bars to move across the pageTagging can be a time-consuming procedure, especially for larger documents

This preference corresponds to the Confirm Before Tagging Documents option in the Accessibility Setup AssistantRead Out Loud Options Set preferences in to control volume, speed, and pitch of the voice used for Read Out Loud

You can choose to use the default voice or any of the voices that your operating system providesYou can also use the up and down arrows to read blocks of text

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