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insert a pdf into google doc

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Pan & Zoom G

Save and reopen the file to see the effectsDefine the initial view as Full Screen mode When setting the initial view of a PDF to Full Screen mode, you must define how the document opens

insert a pdf into google doc

Choose File > PropertiesIn the Document Properties dialog box, select Initial ViewFor best results, do the following: Choose Page Only from the Navigation Tab menu

insert a pdf into google doc

Choose Single Page from the Page Layout menuSet Open To Page to the page on which you want to start the presentation

insert a pdf into google doc

Select Open In Full Screen Mode to open the document without the menu bar, toolbar, or window controls displayed

Click OKMeasurement Info panel Choose Tools > Measure

The measurement toolset is displayed in the secondary toolbarIn the secondary toolbar, click Measuring Tool

The Measuring toolbar and the Measurement Info panel are displayedTo measure areas of your PDF document, select any of the following measurement types: Select the Distance tool to measure the distance between two points

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