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Search attachments from the Search window Choose Edit > Advanced Search

Choose View > Page Display > Automatically ScrollDo any of the following: To change the scrolling speed to a specific speed, press a number key (9 for fastest, 0 for slowest)

free pdf magazines

To increase or decrease the scrolling speed, press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key, depending on the direction of scrollingTo reverse the direction of scrolling, press the minus sign (-) keyTo jump to the next or previous page, press the Left Arrow or Right Arrow key

free pdf magazines

Note: To stop automatic scrolling, press Esc or choose View> Page Display >Automatically Scroll againSave as accessible text for a braille printer Note: This document uses the term “braille printer” to refer to any device that is used to convert accessible text to a form that a person with blindness or low vision can use

free pdf magazines

You can save a PDF as accessible text to print on a braille printer

Accessible text can be imported and printed out as formatted grade 1 or 2 braille documents by using a braille translation applicationAs needed, move the pointer over the zoom box frame within the thumbnail until it changes into a Hand icon

Then drag the frame to see a different area of the page in the document panePage view box in a page thumbnail A page-view box in a page thumbnail indicates the area of the page currently showing in the document pane

Change the default magnification In the Preferences dialog box under Categories, select Page DisplayOpen the Zoom pop-up menu and choose a default magnification level

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