The Canon EOS 70D is the latest high-end camera by Canon that is well suited for enthusiast photographers. Replacing the Canon 60D, the 70D has numerous enhancements and amazing features. This mid-range SLR produces great pictures as well as video although it is no longer the newest model since it has been replaced by the Canon 80D. Here is a Canon 70D review outlining the key features as well as the pros and cons.


Canon 70D best lenses

One of the most important things to look for in a great camera is the megapixel value of the lens as this determines the quality of the pictures you take. The better the lens, the higher the quality of the images. The Canon 70D lenses come with a 20.2-megapixel sensor which allows it to churn out good quality still shots.

Wi-Fi Compatibility

The Canon 70D allows you to share images and remotely capture from your tablet or smartphone via a Canon app for both Android and iOS. This feature is especially useful for wildlife photographers since it enables remote shooting or the ability to control the camera remotely using an app.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen makes it easy for the users to view from a variety of angles, whether shooting in portrait or landscape format since the screen is on an articulating joint. It has a superior image quality (resolution) of 1.040 dots. You can scroll through images or make settings adjustments from the LCD screen but it is important to note that the touchscreen functionality has not been added at the expense of physical controls.

Bundle deals

Canon 70D bundle

The Canon 70D bundle the cheaper option when it comes to saving money when buying the 70D DSLR. This feature makes it extremely easy to take portrait photos as the camera automatically detects the human face thus placing it in the center of the picture frame.


Some notable pros of the Canon 70D include:

– An articulated LCD touchscreen

– Great image quality

– Excellent autofocus in video


The camera lacks any form of image stabilization which makes it difficult to shoot from a moving vehicle. The camera also lacks a built-in Bluetooth or GPS. Other notable weaknesses of the Canon 70D is that it does not have a dual SSD card slot, no headphone jack, inconsistent white balance and has no slow motion option.

Despite these few setbacks, the Canon 70D is an essential tool for both enthusiast photographers and independent filmmakers due to its effective and reliable autofocus functionality.