Canon 70D review and deals

The Canon EOS 70D is the latest high-end camera by Canon that is well suited for enthusiast photographers. Replacing the Canon 60D, the 70D has numerous enhancements and amazing features. This mid-range SLR produces great pictures as well as video although it is no longer the newest model since it has been replaced by the Canon 80D. Here is a Canon 70D review outlining the key features as well as the pros and cons.


Canon 70D best lenses

One of the most important things to look for in a great camera is the megapixel value of the lens as this determines the quality of the pictures you take. The better the lens, the higher the quality of the images. The Canon 70D lenses come with a 20.2-megapixel sensor which allows it to churn out good quality still shots.

Wi-Fi Compatibility

The Canon 70D allows you to share images and remotely capture from your tablet or smartphone via a Canon app for both Android and iOS. This feature is especially useful for wildlife photographers since it enables remote shooting or the ability to control the camera remotely using an app.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen makes it easy for the users to view from a variety of angles, whether shooting in portrait or landscape format since the screen is on an articulating joint. It has a superior image quality (resolution) of 1.040 dots. You can scroll through images or make settings adjustments from the LCD screen but it is important to note that the touchscreen functionality has not been added at the expense of physical controls.

Bundle deals

Canon 70D bundle

The Canon 70D bundle the cheaper option when it comes to saving money when buying the 70D DSLR. This feature makes it extremely easy to take portrait photos as the camera automatically detects the human face thus placing it in the center of the picture frame.


Some notable pros of the Canon 70D include:

– An articulated LCD touchscreen

– Great image quality

– Excellent autofocus in video


The camera lacks any form of image stabilization which makes it difficult to shoot from a moving vehicle. The camera also lacks a built-in Bluetooth or GPS. Other notable weaknesses of the Canon 70D is that it does not have a dual SSD card slot, no headphone jack, inconsistent white balance and has no slow motion option.

Despite these few setbacks, the Canon 70D is an essential tool for both enthusiast photographers and independent filmmakers due to its effective and reliable autofocus functionality.

Canon T6i lenses

Canon is Japanese corporation, established in Tokyo in 1917, specializing in optics. The primary product of company is cameras, which the Canon T6i comes from, binoculars, microscopes and various optical instruments.

Canon T6i lenses review

Any great camera depends on lenses. If you prefer a big colorful vision and completely potential, you have the possibility to choose over 80 000 models of lenses. Every lens is determined to provide quality pictures regardless the subject

Although Canon does not support producing of EF lenses by third-party brands Sigma, Tamron and Tokina have targets for Canon EOS in their respective catalogs.
These producers design lenses by reverse engineering since Canon does not
provide the technician specifications of body objective communications to any
other company.

Generally, Canon announced that it is working on developing an SRL digital camera with a reflex of one lens from the EOS series with a new concept.

The new professional system includes the following products categories: Lenses, digital video cameras, and digital SLR cameras.

The Canon T6i is the model that meet all criteria it functional camera, Nowadays it is a very popular model of cameras, especial for amateurs, who are in love with

Below we will list the best lenses for Canon T6i

  1. 50 mm F1.40 Standard prime.

The price of this lens is in connection with a Sigma and Canon 50 mm. Generally, it is one of the favorite lenses. By the many experts, it represents the first all-manual lens

  1. Canon EF 100 mm f 2.8L IS USM Macro

Really good choice. Prove quality and sharply photos. People who are taking a lot of photos are very satisfied. The right choice for more professional photographers.

  1. Samyang SY14M-C 14 mm F2.8 Ultra wide fixed

Excellent quality. Make sharp images. Especially it promises the best quality of photos which are taken during the night.

  1. Canon EF 70-30mm F 4-5.6 Telephoto Zoom

Good choice for people who expect a quality zoom. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, this is a right choice. Looking through the reviews,  this model gets the best marks.

  1. Canon EF-S 18-135 mm f 3.5-5.6 IS STM

Also, it provides a really good quality of photos. On the other hand, a good solution for beginners.

Visit for the best Canon T6i lenses review.

Canon 80D Deals Tips

The Canon 8oD cameras lineup are largely available in the market. You no longer have to search because we’ll give you the information you need. There are many stores that actually sell Canon cameras and give you the best deal and value of your money in installments.

Canon 80D deals

By getting one, you will also get the quality of service provided by the customer service and get the best Canon 80D deals. Canon experts advise customers on what they can actually get from their cameras. Canon 8oD cameras may be cheap but these are the best cameras that can be obtained within their budget.

Placed its customers before their own profits. Therefore, they will not suggest a model that will not give them the best service they are looking for. If they feel that this is the best camera for them, they offer it to them regardless of the price.

Some people think that the first time a buyer should buy a cheap DSLR camera such as the Canon T5, professional photographers must invest in more expensive. Well, this is not always the case. Even a professional photographer can buy cheap cameras, and still get what he needs from the camera, although the amount actually paid will vary if there is no discount.

Canon’s goal is to continue to provide the best digital cameras for people looking for inexpensive Canon cameras like the 80D. Of course, they must be smart and make a profit at least so that these prices are sold at prices they can still get while helping the customer save.

Canon cameras are not constantly promoted if they do not offer the best performance. They are constantly promoted because they offer what they have said they will offer to their customers. The same is true for cheap Canon cameras.

They are not only of poor quality because their prices are lower than usual. Therefore, customers can be assured that if they purchase inexpensive Canon cameras, they still get the quality they deserve.

Canon 80D DSLR

In doing so, they must know that they are getting their non-professional money. Buyers should consider purchasing the Canon 80D DSLR since there are varieties of them in the market at affordable prices. Canon 80D cameras don’t push to buyers to the wall when it comes to the budget as the cost is affordable as well as their services are good and of great benefit to the buyers.